Tips and Tricks #1

Some of a random collection of little hacks and improvements I like

Here is a quick set of tips and tricks about computers and software development. Maybe over time I will have a whole series of them and could group them together, but for now to lower the barrier to blogging more, I'll just cover a handful.


You can make aliases in your .gitconfig or .git/config files. I like these three related to log:

    last = log -1 --name-status
    lg = log --decorate --name-status
    ll = log --decorate --oneline --graph

The decorated oneline graph log looks really nice, especially with colors enabled.


Favorite packages:

Rando stuff

If you have a monitor that can, or are shopping for a new monitor, consider rotating it to portrait mode. I work on codebases that frequently have arbitrary line length limits in which the extra width of a wide monitor doesn't get much (other than side by side comparison) so the extra number of lines in portrait mode is much more useful. If you're really pro-style and have two monitors, then two widescreen monitors rotated to portrait mode gives you the best of both worlds.
If you work on multiple machines and don't have some kind of roaming profile setup, you can try this: have a GitHub or other service host a repo of you configuration files. This is especially helpful for custom emacs lisp code you may have been carefully tweaking over the years. I then symlink from that filesystem location where programs look for those configuration files into their actual existence within the repo. Easy to sync customization across machines with the added benefit of version control.