Hack the Box - Invite

Yet another CTF site, starting off with hacking the invite code

Hacker One CTF - A little something to get you started

Having fun capturing flags from HackerOne's "Hacker101 CTF"

Hacking Chernobyl, Almost...

I return to the CTF and almost manage to hack Chernobyl

Learned a little something about Cross Site Request Forgery

I'm admittedly a web development and security newb, but I learned a bit about CSRF

The Case of the Cases

Naming is more than a matter of semantics, it's a matter of style

Goodbye Angular

I've decided to part ways with AngularJS

Mr. Robot, Season 2, Easter Egg hunt Part 1!

A QR code caught my eye in an early episode of Mr. Robot, Season 2

Spent Grain Bread

I made bread utilizing some of the spent grain from homebrewing

Getting organized for Homebrewing

I make a spreadsheet for homebrewing and contemplate splitting up brew day into two parts

Lagos, Microcorruption CTF

I've been struggling to figure out how to best the Lagos level in CTF

Making Decisions

Kotlin tutorial on generics and extension functions

Working my way through Kotlin tutorials, generics and extension functions

Let's Encrypt? NGINX certbot plugin solved

My experience setting up a cert from

Finishing off the padlock

I had switched over to https by getting a certificate, but there was still one more piece of the puzzle

Bangalore CTF

How I solved the Bangalore level in Microcorruption CTF

TIL about scripting Git

I wanted to perform an action for each branch I have in Git

Enabling embedded Tweets

I made some updates to my blog to enable embedding Tweets and other widgets in the article contents.

Intelligence Community Game

I made a little game about the U.S. "Intelligence Community"

Top Languages visiting

Everyone knows that there is a lot of bullshit traffic on the internet.

You don't have to re-invent the wheel

I tried to manually implement a simple function but I should have just used existing ones.

Why you should be using multiple-cursors in Emacs

A quick blurb about editing with multiple cursors

Slugs Make Things Nice

Sometimes you'd rather look at a slug than a long hex string!

Learning Clojure: Using the REPL

There are three thing that can greatly accelerate learning a new programming language

Blowing up your database

Don't use your production database for development! Or at least make a backup...

HTTPS and the Red Padlock

I had some troubles when I switched over to nginx

AWS Integration

I was going to integrate AWS storage and transcoding...

How I do Twitter Cards

As you may have noticed, the client side of my blog is AngularJS

Markdown and Code Highlighting

Adding Markdown and Code Highlighting features to my blog


I decided to re-implement my blog using Clojure

More posts

I've made some more posts

Basic auth

First post